Conference themes

Four communication themes shaping Conversations2013

Proposals are expected to focus on one of the four conference themes described below and provide attendees with the identified outcomes.

  1. Vision - framing the conversation

    Attendees will
    • Be inspired to challenge norms and live beyond the status quo
    • Learn how to recognize the need for change and how they can act on it
  2. Planning and Research - understanding our audiences

    Attendees will
    • Learn how to improve the way they organize their communication activities
    • Learn about tools and resources available to help them conduct their research
  3. Production and Implementation – telling our stories

    Attendees will
    • Learn about new ways to communicate internally and externally with their stakeholders
    • Learn about new tools, techniques and approaches to communications
  4. Measurement and Future Outlook - celebrating our successes and learning from our failures

    Attendees will
    • Learn how they can better implement measurement standards within their communications planning
    • Learn about where the profession is headed and how they can prepare themselves for change
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