Alexandra Samuel

Alexandra Samuel

Vice-President Social Media, Vision Critical
Social Media Blogger
The Harvard Business Review & The Atlantic

Alexandra Samuel has been involved in social media long before it had a name. And from her unique perspective as an educator, an entrepreneur, and a blogger she continues to chart social media's potential for political, social, personal and business change better than almost anyone else.

At Vision Critial—a Vancouver-based research and technology solutions company—Alex Samuel leads the company’s efforts at integrating social media into the development of customer intelligence and works closely with the company’s product development and marketing teams. Formerly the director of the Social + Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr University, Samuel also co-founded Social Signal, one of the world's first social media agencies, and blogs for both the Harvard Business Review and

An articulate voice on new social technologies, Samuel has an infectious passion for the Net's potential as a tool for community-building and civic participation. She has mapped the effect of technology for both the non-profit sector (through her work on projects like NetSquared) as well as with governments (as Research Director for Digital 4Sight's Governance in the Digital Economy, where, along with Don Tapscott, she researched the future of democracy). She also works with a long list of corporations, giving talks, running workshops, and talking to them--on whatever level they are comfortable with—about how they can best use social technology tools for their specific business. Her writing has appeared in Business 2.0 and the Chronicle of Higher Education.


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